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Traditional Culture Experience Tour

Organizer: Korea Tourism Organization

About this Program

We invite you to the newly-selected traditional culture experience tour program in 2018 in the spring vacation week of Korea!
We are waiting for you to apply for a visit to Danyang, Chungcheongbuk-do, Gyeongbuk Goryeong, Gyeongbuk Nutrition’s beautiful sightseeing spot, and Korean traditional culture experience.

Hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization.

Inquiry: Culture Us (
Tel: 02-6933-1072

Traditional Culture Experience Tour Program Monitoring Tour

What is the Traditional Culture Experience Tour?

Through the promotion of newly selected traditional culture experience contents in 2018,
It is a tourism program for pilot testing that can commercialize it and supplement and develop the program through monitoring.


– April 29 (Sun) ~ April 30 (Mon) Gyeongbuk Nutrition
Food Dimibang and Jejyeokyeon etiquette: food demi-bomb cooking experience, doodle village sightseeing, Changmyeong culture experience, food Dimibang traditional cuisine experience, local food tour
– May 4 (Fri) – 5 May (Sat) Gyeongbuk Goryeong
Aging Mysterious Daegaya Travel: Daegaya Theme Tour, Royal Tomb Experience (Daejae Culture Experience), Daegaya Tombstone Trekking,
Gaya town, gayageum making experience, Daigaya arboretum tour, ceremony, local restaurant visit.
– May 4 (Fri) – 5 May (Sat) Chungbuk Danyang
Chungbuk Danyang – Goguryeo Ondal and Pyeonggang story: Goguryeo wedding ceremony, food tasting, Ondal and peace, Goguryeo traditional marriage ceremony,
Manchunha Skywalk, Danyang Kangdo Island Tour, Sungwon Garlic Meditation, Onand Cave Tour, Local Food Tour.

– All three events start from Seoul.
– 1 night and 2 days program
– Detailed schedule and program are available only to the selected participants (schedule can be changed)


I am looking for someone who will write their travels faithfully after the trip, rather than a lot of followers. So at least you can support your friends. ^^ ***
– After the sightseeing, the traveler should write about 1000 characters (about A4 half-size) and upload it to the SNS of the person with the photograph.
– About 20 members of Korean society who are excellent in social media (Instagram, Facebook, Blog)
– Participants interested in Korea sightseeing
– Participants who want to promote their domestic travel with their travels
– Power blogger for foreigners who can speak Korean 0 (Social media required)

Application period::

April 9, 2018 – Wednesday, April 25, 2018
** If there are many applicants, it may be closed early.

Obligations for participation:

– Korean traditional culture experiential and sightseeing trips * Submit at least 2 pieces of information about 1000 characters (about A4 size) to your SNS and submit URL
– Submission of survey questionnaire for the development of experiential tourism program
– This program must be present if you are selected as a minority.


Inquiry: Culture Us (
Tel: 02-6933-1072




02 6933 1072


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Seoul, Republic of Korea