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” World Culture Booth Recruit.”


Sep 7 (Saturday)

About this Program

 When is the event ?  SEP 7 (Saturday)
 What to do ? Register as a team ( Foreigner+Korean team, or Foreigners only team)
Submit your registration with your fun and interesting idea for an event booth in a Culture festival.   
 Benefit: Booth preparation fee will be provided. Please submit your budget with booth idea. 
 Venue: Dongguk university. 

Inquiry: Culture Us ( Email: Tel: 02-6933-1072

< World Culture Booth Recruit. >

Festival date: September 7 (Saturday) at Dongguk university, “World Culture Festival”. 

○ What is about?:

  • We are open to any idea;
    Represent your country of origin!
    Fun game can be playing with public!
    Interesting experiences such as making, handcraft, painting, food etc!
  • You can submit your idea with your budget.
  • You can register as a team or individual. But every team member should fill the registration form.

○ How to Join?:

  • Step 1: Team up with friends or Alone ( Can be  Foreigner+Korean team, or Foreigners only team )
  • Step 2: Make an idea – Any fun idea for an event booth in a festival.
    Example: Game, Experiences, Culture presentation, Food, Drawing, Making, etc.
  • Step 3: Every team members submits registration on this page.
  • Step 4: After first registration according to the announcement email: A team leader submits – About the idea & Budget in detail.
  • Step 5: Prepare your booth before the 7th Sep.
  • Step 6: Present your own festival booth on 7th Sep at the culture festival in Dongguk university.

○ Who can join?

  • Any foreigners in Korea.
  • Korean who comes as a team with foreign friends.

○ Registration

  • Registration: July 29 ~  August 10 ( Please register early as you can, if can be closed earlier)
  • Selection announcement: Notice by email.
  • Please click the Registration & fill the form.


Inquiry: Culture Us ( Email: Tel: 02-6933-1072




02 6933 1072


4F, 31 Seocho-daero 34-gil, Seocho-gu
Seoul, Republic of Korea