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Are you Ready? Q-rator!

Are you dreaming of becoming a travel writer?
Do you have a secret Korean travel spot of your own?
Do you want to learn how to write a travel journal?
Do you want to travel more and see every corner of Korea?!
Expats who want to share their travel journal with many people, after have a free travel in Korea. Register now!

○ What is the Q-rator program?
The program is hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization. This program develops expert travel journalist who deliver vivid experience, information and appreciation on tourist destinations and Q-certified facilities.
After talking classes by travel experts, you will travel within Korea, and then fill out a travel journal. Your article will be published in a book promoting Korean tourism to foreigners.

○ Benefits
Free of charge individual trips (Free: transport+hotel+meal+travelogue payment).
If your article is selected as an excellent travel journal, it will be published in a notable travel magazine and you will be paid for write it (100,000 won)

○ Duty of participants.
– Participate in the training program; 1 meeting. (training provided by professional instructors on writing a good travel journal)
– Go on the trip and submit a travel journal
– Monitoring report about visited accommodations.

○ Program schedule and venue
Interview date: 11th September (Could change)
Training : 16th September (Sunday), Korea Tourism Organization, Jongno-gu, Seoul Center.
Q-rator tour: 17th Sep ~ 14th Oct. (1night 2 days trip, Any date between this period)
***Important: If you can’t participate training or tour in person, you can’t participate this program. Please don’t register.

○ Who can join?
– This program is only for foreigners.
– Those who are interested in Korean tourism and promoting it.
– Those who are able to participate in all scheduled training, and are willing to write a travel journal after the trip.
– Foreigners who want to write their own travel journal and publish it.
– Who is willing to visit accommodations, and monitor it.
– Those who have a social media account.
– Foreigners who speak Korean will have a higher score on the selection process. (not a requirement)

○ Registration
2018/August/23th (thru) ~ 2018/September/ 9th(sun)
*** Please submit your travel journal or any type or any theme of essay for example when you register. we just want to see how you write.
(Free form: Social media, Youtube etc any style, Any length)

○ How to register:
Please scroll up this page, you will able to see registration button. 
*** Please submit your travel journal or any type of essay for example when you register.
 (Free form: Social media, Youtube etc any style, Any length)
*** We will have an interview on 11th September (Could change)

○ Inquiry
Culture us 02- 6933-1072
E-mail: cultureus3@gmail.com

About travelogue example, or any essay we are asking you to submit on registration.
It is to check your English level, because your writing will be published on a magazine in English.
If you don’t know what to submit, just send us your social media account address.

Registration closed