Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked the same questions about our Company and Programs.
Before contacting us with questions please see whether the answer is contained in the FAQs below.

Q: Who is Culture Us?
A: Culture Us is a company that promotes Korea and Korean culture while developing global understanding, integration and peace among global citizens. Culture Us hosts special cultural experiences that you will never forget!
Q: Why are most of the Culture Us programs free of charge?
A: Korea is in the midst of fast economic growth in this globalizing world and an increasing foreign population influx within the past decade.

The Korean government is putting in continual effort to minimize cultural gap between the origin nation and foreign population while promoting Korean culture to the world via cultural experiences and exchanges.

Most of the companies events are funded by the government or organizations that support this idea to promote Korean culture. So that invited guests could enjoy the program free of charge in exchange of spreading their experiences on social media.

Q: How will I know about upcoming events?
A: You will able to see information about upcoming events on the Culture Us website or the facebook event page: (

If you follow the Culture Us Facebook page and change your settings on facebook to “see first”, it will be easy to spot.

Q: How do I apply?
A: On the website, you will able to see registration buttons on each event listing. Please click the button and fill in the registration form.
Q: What should I do after applying?
A: Check your email daily and follow instructions that will be sent to you.
Q: How do I know that I have been selected?
A: You will be informed by email. Please don’t be confused; NOT all emails sent contain tickets. Some emails are just instructions for the next application process, or to inform you that seats are sold out. So please read your emails carefully.
Q: Why haven’t I received any emails after applying?
A: If you haven’t received any emails within 1-2 working days it is likely because your email has gone to spam or you have provided an incorrect email address. Please check your details well when you register. I’m seeing about 3% of applicants are having this mistake and miss the chance.
Q: What is the selection standard for applicants?
A: The rule of online selection is in order of arrival of last confirmation. This means that after you submit an application, you will receive an email with instructions. You have to follow the confirmation instructions in order to complete the application process. Please check your email daily.

This rule, however, has exceptions. In the case of too many applicants from the same nationality or gender group, Culture Us might have to restrict the number of seats per nationality/gender.

Another fact to consider is regarding unsuccessful applicants with a history of not fulfilling their duties or displaying bad attendance rates in our previous programs.

Interview based selections could require various standards such as punctuality, understanding of the program, passion, etc.

Q: Are their other ways that I could get involved with CultureUs besides your events?
A; Yes, there are other ways to get involved with Culture Us besides our events. Once you attended some of the Culture Us events you can become our friends. We have occasional outings such as picnics, hiking, lunches, dinners together, private parties, etc.

We also accept global interns in times of need. If you need some internship experience, you can apply with Culture Us.

We also always welcome ideas for new events. Please let us know!



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