Who we are

Culture Us is a company that promotes Korean culture around the world through cultural experiences and exchanges while simultaneously
networking with citizens around the world.

You and me, we are one.
Share our culture together.


It is a mixture of our company name
Initials: C & U

The shape represents;
Heart (truthfulness)
High Five (communication,friendship)
Harmony (colour of yin and yang in circulation, Korean flag)

Experience a special Culture with us!











Our History

  • Established a corporation in August, 2016
  • 2016 August _ 2008 KPOP SUPPORTERS to Promoting the Pyeongchang Olympic Games (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • 2016 September _ PyeongChang Olympic D-500 Promotion Event (Gangwon Province)
  • 2016 October _ Boys 24 Concert Foreigners Monitoring Project (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • 2016 Nov _ Moonlight Walking on the Seoul City wall Familiarization Tour for Foreigners (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • November, 2016 _ Korean Traditional Performances Monitoring and Supporters (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • January 2017 _ Hwacheon Sancheoneo Festival Global Supporters (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • February 2017_ Year of Jeonbuk Visiting Global Supporters (Jeollabuk-do)
  • February 2017 _ Women’s Company Certification
  • March 2017 _ Seoul International Buddhism Expo Foreign Supporters and Translation and Interpretation Service (Seoul International Buddhism Expo)
  • April 2017 ~ May _ Lotus Lantern Festival Global Supporters (YeonDeungHoe Committee)
  • October, 2017 Foreign Supporters of Jeonbuk International Youth Tourism Forum
  • October, 2017 Received the “Excellence Prize” for the new project to develops traditional market from Seoul city government.
  • November 2017 Cooking Class in Traditional Market for Foreigners (Seoul)
  • November 2017 Integrated content monitoring and online media (SNS) promotion on regional theme (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • February 2018 Pilot-certified accommodations monitoring for service improvement (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • February 2018 Online promotion for Lotus Lantern Festival (Lotus Lantern Festival Preservation Committee)
  • March 2018 Seoul International Buddhism Expo Global Supporters (Mind Design)
  • May 2018 Spring Tour Week, Traditional Culture Experience Tour Program Monitoring (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • August 2018 Promote quality certification business monitoring by foreigners (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • October 2018 Yeoju : King Sejong the Great Travel Road Familiarization Tour (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • November 2018 Developed promotional articles for quality certified accommodation articles written by foreigners around the world (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • November 2018 Korea Wonju Industrial Tourism Familiarization Tour with diplomats (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • November 2018 Moving tourist information center monitoring (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • January 2019 LOVE FOR DMZ Foreign Supporters (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • January 2019 Online promotion for Lotus Lantern Festival (Lotus Lantern Festival Preservation Committee)
  • February 2019 Traditional Art Restoration and Reproduction Support Project Integrated Presentation (Traditional Performing Arts Promotion Foundation)
  • March 2019 Discover English contents to promote quality certified accommodation (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • April 2019 Arirang TV, Youth Humanities Editorial Contest Management (Arirang TV)
  • May 2019 FAM tour with active social network foreign users in Korea (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • May 2019 Traditional market foreigner SNS monitoring team operation (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • July 2019 2019 Gwangju FINA World Swimming Championships foreigner SNS Reporter Tour (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • August 2019 Special monitoring operation for foreigners in Daegu Transportation (Korea Management Certification Institute)
  • September 2019 Narlanda Festival – Global part Operation (Eunjeong Buddhism Culture Promotion Agency)
  • September 2019 Yeonggwang E-Mobility Foreigner Supporters Operation (Korea Association of Performing Tourism)
  • September 2019 Welcome Daehakro Foreigner Supporters (KBSN)
  • October 2019 Korean Tourism Quality Certification – Foreign Consumer Experience Monitoring Group (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • October 2019 Produce promotional contents for certified accommodations by foreign Q-ractors (Korea Tourism Organization)
  • Interviewed by E-Today Magazine.
  • Foreigner Monitoring Evaluation and Promotion on Goodstay Accommodation (Korea Tourism Organization, Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism)
  • Familiarization Tour About Ecology, Local Celebrity, Traditional Culture (Korea Tourism Organization )
  • Before establishment of the Culture us, we have done : 140 temples templestay monitoring, Nalanda traditional festival (Gathering 700 expat participants), Lotus lantern festival supporters since 2013, Templestay supporters(500 participants), and many more.

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